"It's just the training
before the fight"
all arts by ghosttthead
after 2 weeks of business trips, back to “normal” life….
sketch on the plane…


swap between Ghosttthead and Matthew Pettit

Another great swap between club members Ghosttthead and Matt Pettit.

If you want to swap cards with a club member, have a look at the (now up to date) members list here:


swap between club members Ghosttthead and David Slebodnick

Awesome swap here between two members, great seeing the club network develop!

here are the RAP-TALISMANS. I will send them this week.
"Shake that body, party that bodyDon’t fuck with Ghost you’ll feel sorry”
Fellow Followers, I will make more handmade RAP-TALISMANS (like my last post).
They protect against: bad rhymes, lost bullets and every song of Nelly.
I will offer 5 differents/originals handmade RAP-TALISMAN.
Just send me a “YO!!!” message and it’s yours (the first 5 wins !!!)
keep the flow…
I made this rap-talisman for my mother-in-law.

I made this little drawing for my man Dyemond's “My Radio Zine”.

buy it Here and listen to this fucking lunatic song Here.

morning comic on the bus

Alex (Ghosttthead)’s take on Kevin Truman.

I made this little sketch of Matthew's Kevin Truman (coming out at ELCAF with Jazz Dad Books)