"It's just the training
before the fight"
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"miniature" for tinyteepee
watching Imamura.
sketchbook: my dream team
old stuff I still like..
old stuff I still like…
For some reason, I wasn’t able to submit in time this drawing for tinyteepee. So here it is. The word was KNIGHT.

I also made a serie of postcards for Pull and Bear. here are two…

they were printed with fluo Pantones…

I just found these drawings I made for Pull and Bear 5 years ago…


/ me – always a hoody ^^ /
wonder how i might look like? here is your visual by 2 amazing artists

1. portrait of me drawing made by @ghosttthead | tumblr while a spontaneous drawing session at ipse ^^ – thanks dude

2. portrait made by @ipercalisse | tumblr while a drawing session also in Berlin at klunkerkranich - thank you

i recommend to follow —> ;D

I met Robert in Berlin. We talked about drawing, comics. And we made some late night sketches…