"It's just the training
before the fight"
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I will be one week in Tokyo at the end of september… any good recomendation ?

sketchbook stuff…

Here are some of the good stuff I had at Autoban 2014.
 It was a really a great event !!!!

thanks to everybody !!

drawings by:

Emma Rios - Jorge Peral - Yago Garcia - Uxía Larrosa  - Xulia Vicente - Luis Yang - Paloma Tarrío

Talented People Inc.

ps.: as always, sorry for the pics….

another “one cm drawing”.
Anonymous : Il y a quelques temps, tu avais laissé un beau croquis sur la terrasse du Caffè in Gamba... Nous l'avons gardé :) Merci encore!

merci à vous pour le délicieux café, j’espère pouvoir revenir bientôt !!!

a really bad drawing of the collective “fume de carozo” signing their zine “sacoponcho” in la Coruña.
Uxía Larrosa  / Xulia Vicente / Luis Yang / Paloma Tarrío
These girls (and a guy !!) are amazing !!!
be sure to follow them !!!
so… I prepared a small batch of stickers for the first edition of a new “indie comic/self-publishing” event here in la Coruña: AUTOBAN. (I’ll putt them on my store next month.)
Prepare un pequeño lote de stickers para un nuevo salon de comic indie y de autoedicion, aqui en la Coruña: AUTOBAN. (las pondre a la venta online dentro de un mes.)