"It's just the training
before the fight"
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sketchbook stuff…

Here are some of the good stuff I had at Autoban 2014.
 It was a really a great event !!!!

thanks to everybody !!

drawings by:

Emma Rios - Jorge Peral - Yago Garcia - Uxía Larrosa  - Xulia Vicente - Luis Yang - Paloma Tarrío

Talented People Inc.

ps.: as always, sorry for the pics….

another “one cm drawing”.
so… I prepared a small batch of stickers for the first edition of a new “indie comic/self-publishing” event here in la Coruña: AUTOBAN. (I’ll putt them on my store next month.)
Prepare un pequeño lote de stickers para un nuevo salon de comic indie y de autoedicion, aqui en la Coruña: AUTOBAN. (las pondre a la venta online dentro de un mes.)
Arts & Crafts


after drawing a small serie of watercolored rap-talismans, I decided to make stickers of them. So you’ll be all protected against wack emcees and bad rhymes…

They are printed by Inés Estrada and they looks really awesome !! (look at the size and how good they looks). If you want to print stickers, it’s the best place !!!

more info soon…

sketching my invisible friend…


"miniature" for tinyteepee