"It's just the training
before the fight"
all arts by ghosttthead
here are the RAP-TALISMANS. I will send them this week.
"Shake that body, party that bodyDon’t fuck with Ghost you’ll feel sorry”

I made this little drawing for my man Dyemond's “My Radio Zine”.

buy it Here and listen to this fucking lunatic song Here.

morning comic on the bus

Alex (Ghosttthead)’s take on Kevin Truman.

I made this little sketch of Matthew's Kevin Truman (coming out at ELCAF with Jazz Dad Books)
a batch of really good comics.
a rejected strip from 2004 for an article about the growth of ikea.
comic on the bus…
comics on the bus: “breakfast”

Today I got a dedicated drawing from Ghosttthead. He lives in a wacky universe…(the characters are his creation)-Hoy recibí un dibujo dedicado por Ghosttthead. Vive en un universo de locos…(Los personajes son suyos)-
traducción de las viñetas: 1: algunas actividades repugnantes estaban llevandose a cabo en Ghostttown.2: Pero donde las dan, las toman.3: ¡Gracias Ciervo-caimán! // Lo que tú digas, tío…

Sergio menendez made this cruel comic of the death of the cat burglar (featuring the caiman-deer). But is he really dead ?….