"It's just the training
before the fight"
all arts by ghosttthead
watching this…


Fantastic swap between club members Ghosttthead and Andrés Lozano (middle and bottom).

These guys are turning into Postcard Club pros! So many lovely swaps happening. Second rule of Postcard Club: tell everyone about Postcard Club.


no Namek’s Tuesday this week (my scanner is dead…) so here are some old dragon ball sketches from memory….
modern coquetry…


I did a postcard swap with Ghosttthead!  The top two images are the front and back of the card that I sent.  The bottom two images are the front and back of the card I just received from Ghosttthead.  I’m pretty excited.  Postcard club is fun!  Everybody should do it!  Ok, I’ll stop with the exclamation points now.

A wonderfull swap with Sophie Franz for the fabulous Postcard Club. She is so talented !!! thanks again !!!

Namek’s Tuesday Wednesday (because my scanner died yesterday…)


KAPOW! for tinyteepee
2013 (and 2014 until now…) in sketchbooks.
Namek’s Tuesday #3
sketchbook’s warlord…